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Enterprise Transport completes the circle when you choose an Enterprise Properties’ company for your project. Enterprise Transport performs all in-house hauling and makes it easy to start and end your project with the same professional group that you’ve come to rely on. Enterprise Transport is also available for regional contract hauling in a 600-mile radius of Omaha, Nebraska and we can assure you timely and steady delivery to make sure that your project stays on deadline.


We follow these guidelines when planning:

  • We will re-plan the route – noting power lines, train lines, low bridges, traffic patterns, etc.
  • Positioning of precast will ensure that weight distribution on vehicle complies with allowable gross mass and axle limits.

We follow these guidelines when loading:

  • Components will be loaded free of any defect.
  • Components will be lifted at designated points only, using approved lifting inserts.
  • Components will be loaded in positions that will eliminate possible overstress, warp, or twist.
  • Stacking of components shall be such that lifting devices will be accessible and undamaged.
  • Points of contact between precast, supports and restraints will have protective material.
  • Components will be protected from dirt, damage and staining at all times.
  • Identification marks will be discernible.
  • The upper components of a stacked tier will never be used as storage areas for shorter components or equipment.
  • All units will be properly supported and adequately tied to prevent movement during shipping.
  • All components will bear the stamp of our QA Inspector.
  • Weight of precast is made known to the driver, and includes detailed delivery instructions and paperwork.

We follow these guidelines during delivery:

  • When necessary, we will coordinate traffic control, including traffic controllers, barricades and road closure permits.
  • Inspect the site prior to entry and seek unloading instruction.
  • Prior to installation, we will allow the contractor to inspect all panels for damage or missing material.


Omaha, Nebraska