Precast Products


American Concrete Products manufactures many of the products that Railroads, Utility Contractors, Municipalities, DOTs and other infrastructure customers rely on. We produce these precast products at plants in Nebraska, Kansas and Texas, eliminating the need for costly and disruptive pours on the job site. Our superior quality control procedures ensure that each and every precast product is manufactured to the highest standards and is delivered safely, on-time to your site.

Our facilities are certified by the American Concrete Pipe Association, PCI, and it meets the American Association of Railroads stringent AAR/M-1003 standards set by SRI’s Quality System Registrar.


Utility Vaults

Electrical, mechanical, and telecom. A wide range of sizes and configurations.

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall

Largest production capacity in the Midwest.

Structural Wall Panels

Manufactured per PCI MNL 16 specifications.

Sound Wall

DOT, city and private projects.

Railroad Grade Crossings

Class I RR specifications with rubber flange way filler. Largest production capacity in the Midwest.

Signal Foundations

Class I RR specifications with standard and custom sizes and configurations.

Box Culverts

A wide range of sizes and configurations, designed in-house.

Grease Interceptors

1000-3000 gallon capacities (standard).
Over 3000 gallon capacities (custom).

Pipe, Manholes and Catch Basins

Storm and sanitary pipe, manholes, cones, risers and lids.

Curb Inlet Tops

City of Omaha Type I through IV
Nebraska Dept. of Roads STD Plan 443-R6

Large Block Retaining Wall

Verti-Block Web Link

Other Products

Full line of railroad, building and DOT items